‘The perfect way to entertain the whole family, from 6 to 60 ’  – The Metro

Upcoming Kids Comedy Shows…


Easter Holiday Special Featuring…

OTIZ CANNELLONI  Star of BBC1’s The Stand Up Show & Stuff The White Rabbit.
TIERNAN DOUIEB  Star of The Slammer & The World is Full of Idiots.
OLAF FALAFEL  Star of The Cheese of Truth.

Berkhamsted Civic Centre

161 High Street, Bekhamsted, Hertfordshire, HP4 3HD

It’s a comedy club, but for kids. Also any adults who enjoy a swear-free hour with the international circuit’s best stand-ups and sketch acts. Non-patronising. Pure awesomeness. With three comedians, it’s bound to be a riot!

DOORS OPEN 2PM, SHOW STARTS 2.30 (about an hour long)
AGES: 6 – 60
(16 and under) £7.50
(must be at least two kids)

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Stand Up Comedy For Kids
(and adults) 6 and Over

Do you love comedy? Then bring the family!
Kids Comedy Shows offer you cracking entertainment for everyone over six years old and under 400 years old. We have the best stand up comedians from the UK and world circuit doing what they do best… but without the rude bits!
There’s always a selection of the finest comedians around doing jokes without swears. Sometimes there is magic, sometimes improv, sometimes impressions but it is NEVER boring.
And ALWAYS fun!


Kids Comedy Shows Ages:

Is my child too young?

We give the age range of our kids comedy shows as 6 and over. The comedians will be pitching their material at that age range. But we are often asked by parents if they can bring their five year old child along? Well, to be honest that really is up to the parent. You know your child best. If your five year old will not be worried or alarmed by dimmed house lights, loud laughter and a comedian with a microphone then they should be fine. As long as they can also sit (relatively) still in the same seat and focus on what’s being said for an hour or so.

My five year old boy has no problem at all watching our shows. But then I took him to his first football match a month after his fifth birthday. If he can handle that, then a comedy show will be no problem. We have three comedians in a one hour show, so children don’t have to listen to the same voice for too long. We find this really helps with kids attention span.

Is my child too old?

We have plenty of 14 and 15 year old’s who come to our shows and love them. There is no swearing or sexual stuff, but it is stand up comedy and still funny. We want to produce comedy shows that you (as a parent) will enjoy just as much as your children.
After all, funny is funny. Even without the rude bits.